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about our company

Earthnoodles™ is a Michigan-based children’s organic clothing company delivering eco-friendly, high quality American made tees. Our original, limited edition illustrations, are a humorous interpretation of each critter’s unique trait or personality. All our tees are made with the softest organic cotton, and printed with non-toxic, eco-friendly inks. Hip hip hooray!

what in the world is an earthnoodle?

The name earthnoodles™ came to be, while watching a nature program’s time lapse video of cotton growing. The wiggly sprouts coming out of the ground looked like little noodles, like little “earth” noodles, a perfectly quirky name for a playful children’s organic clothing line. Earthnoodles™ is the culmination of one girl’s love for unique design, years of doodles and her undying respect for the environment.

why organic?

Did you know that conventional cotton only takes up 3% of farmland but uses 25% of the world’s pesticides? When used to make clothing, these harmful chemicals tend to remain in conventional cotton, even after washing. In addition, conventional cotton has a huge negative environmental impact and presents health risks for those working around it. Organic cotton is grown responsibly without the use of any toxic pesticides and fertilizers.

Earthnoodles™ only uses the finest organic combed cotton. Further, each design is meticulously screen printed with the latest eco-friendly inks. Combined, we hope that these simple steps will prove our concern for your child and the environment he or she will inherit.

so, who’s the noodle behind earthnoodles?

An idea girl, graphic designer, animal lover, mushroom hunter, rain boot enthusiast, and chronic doodler. Just a girl from Michigan who hopes her creative contributions will one day make a difference. (big or small)